St. Francis of Assisi Church
Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Peace…

Past Associate Pastors

(Most Recent First)

Father Ben Green
Father Maximilian Biltz
Father Jeremy Huser
Father Curtis Robertson
Father Michael Linnebur
Father Matthew Marney
Father Ruben Ortiz-Montelongo
Father Edmond Kline
Father Andrew Heiman
Father Brian Nelson
Father David Lies
Father Jerome Spexarth
Father Darrin May
Father Jim Weldon
Father Thomas Hoisington
Father Daryl Befort
Father Floyd McKinney
Father Ken Schuckman
Father Ned Blick
Father Sherman Orr
Father Pat York
Father Robert Hartmann
Father Brian Egan
Father Thomas DiMattia
Father Michael Nolan
Father Steve Scheier
Father Randy Bradley
Father Andrew Kuykendall
Father Doug Campbell
Father Donald Thissen
Father Paul Alderman
Father Dwight Birket
Father Wayne Schmid
Father George Krusick
Father Jerome Beat
Father Phillip Allen
Father William Cleary
Father Thomas Colgan
Father John Zich