My wife, Patricia, has spent her whole life at St. Francis. She attended St. Francis School and then Bishop Carroll. Our children also all attended St. Francis and Bishop Carroll. I’m the mutt of the family, having been raised Protestant in western Kansas. I grew up on a dry land farm and ranch, and my father, like most western Kansas farmers/ranchers, had land, but not much money. He insisted all us boys know how to run a cutting torch and welder and regarded it a failure if we had to go to town to buy a new part. So, I grew up keenly aware of what it’s like to constantly battle aged equipment.

Director of Stewardship & Finance

If I were to ask each of you about your favorite sports team, I would suspect that you would know the name of a few of your favorite players, and probably the head coach. But you might not know the names of all the position and specialty coaches that it takes for that team to truly be successful. So it is with our parish. Due to our stewardship way of life, there are many people behind the scenes performing specialty roles that you may not know about. We don’t want this to be the case with the Rebuild My Church campaign.

An Open Letter to Fellow Catholics Who Haven’t Returned Since COVID Shutdown Began

Dear Beloved Child of God:

I miss you. We miss you. God misses you.

Last Sunday, I looked toward the back of church near the beginning of Mass. My heart fell. The building was not full. There were numerous empty seats. Before COVID, the pews at the 10 a.m. Mass were mostly full. But the real story isn’t about the building or the pews. The building is brick and mortar, the pews are wood. The real heartache is that our parish family isn’t whole. Too many people are missing. Please take a moment to read my letter and reflect on whether it speaks to you.

It’s time to have some fun! The 38th Annual St. Francis Family Fun Night is set for 4-7 p.m. on Oct. 24.

Bishop Kimme

Would you and nine of your friends like to have dinner with Bishop Kemme as your host? You can if you are the winning bidder of this item in Fun Night’s Silent Auction.

Early bidding opportunity will be after all Masses Oct. 16-17 and Oct. 23-24.

St. Francis had its annual Farewell Mass for eighth graders in May, celebrating with the 69 students listed below. We wish them well as they embark on their high school careers. Thank you to the parents, teachers, staff and special persons who supported them through their journey.

We extend our congratulations and prayers to the following SFA parishioners who graduated from Bishop Carroll, as they enter this new stage of their lives. A special congratulations goes to all those who graduated with honors and awards. This year’s valedictorian was parishioner Cameron Pascal.


The public phase of the Rebuild My Church Capital Campaign officially kicked off the weekend of Aug. 28-29 with the announcement that efforts from the silent phase of the campaign have generated over $3.2 million in pledges and outright gifts. Funds raised will be used to renovate and repair our parish's many campus buildings.

Those who attend an ACTS retreat share in an experience that has impacted more than one million lives worldwide since the first retreat in 1987. Numerous retreatants have provided testimonies describing how they were evangelized through a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. They have become better fathers, mothers, husbands, wives and children.

Message from The Pastor

Our parish is such a blessing for all of us! So many people are committed to the mission of the Gospel in so many ways: adult education, bible studies, retreats, funeral dinners, liturgical ministries, PSR, RCIA, SFA School, Bishop Carroll, CYM, lawn mowers, ladies guild, and so many more! These are all a part of the mission of our parish, all of which is a result of our shared stewardship.

Finance Report

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