Father's Focus: All In

Today you made a choice that you will never be able to take back.  Once you made that choice, you committed to it in such a way that you can never undo what you’ve done.  What is this decision?... You sat in the seat where you are at.  Huh?  Even though sitting in your seat doesn’t sound serious, the fact is that once you committed to that choice you can’t undo it.  You committed to it. 

Isn’t it funny that there are a lot of people in this world who are afraid of commitment?  But you know what?  Our entire life is commitment.  Every choice we make is a commitment among many possibilities that can never be undone.  Commitment is a part of our life.    And all commitment, great or small, is an “all-in” reality.  When you sat in your seat you sat your whole self down, not just part of yourself. 

But there are obviously different levels of commitment in our life.  The choice to sit in your seat is not a big commitment; but the choice to follow Jesus Christ is.  And when we choose to follow Christ, our whole self must commit to him.  Commitment is always an “all-in” reality. 

Texas Hold’em is a form of poker a player can shove all his poker chips in as say, “I’m all-in.”  And that commitment cannot be taken back.  It involves the risk of losing.  But, for the player, the risk is kind of a rush. 

Whenever we ourselves are called to follow Jesus Christ, we are called to be “all-in.”  A powerful line in the Old Testament says, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua, who said this line, was all-in.  He held nothing back from committing to the Lord. 

Friends, this Christmas I hope you can stir up the commitment you have in Jesus Christ.  I hope you can recommit to your faith again saying, “This is MY faith!  Jesus Christ is MY God!  I believe in him with all my heart, with all my mind, and with all my soul.  I am all-in!”    Your baptism was a commitment of your entire self: heart, mind and soul.  It was an all-in reality that we must each make.   And like Texas Hold’em, being “all-in” involves a risk.  But don’t be afraid of the risk.  There is a rush to the risk that makes following Jesus exhilarating! 

Jesus does not want half of you.  He wants all of you!  He wants your heart.  He wants your mind.  He wants your soul.  There is a risk.  But don’t be afraid to commit.  Our entire life is commitment.  Every decision we make is a commitment.  You made a thousand of them today.  But the commitment to follow Jesus is the only one that promises you eternal life. 

May you have an incredible Christmas as you commit your life, once again, to Jesus Christ.

Fr. Jarrod Lies