2020-2021 Re-Entry Plan

Watch our protocol video here.

March 22, 2021 Update

The Catholic School Office has released revised grade K-12 school guidance that allows us to modify some of our existing COVID-19 procedures outlined in the Forward with Hope re-entry plan.

Starting March 23, 2021:

  • Masks will no longer be required for OUTDOOR recess only.
  • We will no longer take students’ temperatures in the mornings prior to entry into the school building.

All other guidelines will remain in place.

As always, we remain committed to keeping our students and staff safe and in school. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the current circumstances!

Forward with Hope Re-Entry Plan (2020-2021)

The following email was sent to all St. Francis parents on July 23, 2020, regarding our re-entry plan for the 2020-2021 school year:

Dear Parents,

Earlier this afternoon, you should have received the Diocese of Wichita's Forward with Hope Re-Entry Plan for Catholic Schools. Our school will follow Scenario B, Part I. Please note:

  • Nothing has changed from the information we communicated to you in the Flash on July 10. You may review that information here.
  • The first day of school will be Tuesday, September 1. We will use a staggered start for PK-8 (by alphabetical listing of last names) to help students become familiar with new routines and procedures. Be looking for more information.
  • I have put together a short video outlining our re-entry plan for the school year. This infographic includes the same information for your reference. I also invite you to share it with your children to familiarize them with the changes for next year.

Vikings, as it says in the Gospel of John, "Take courage!" We will move forward with hope knowing that we have dedicated teachers and staff who are willing to protect your children and provide the best education possible.

God bless,

Mrs. Carter