Fr. Jarrod Goes on Sabbatical

Dear Parishioners,

A couple of weeks ago I received some joyful news: Bishop Kemme has given me permission to take a three-month sabbatical from May 10 – August 6.

Why a Sabbatical? The purpose of this sabbatical is to rest, study, pray, and rejuvenate to come back with greater knowledge, health, and balance. Any priest ordained more than 10 years is free to request a sabbatical. I requested a few months ago during, this, my 21st year of priesthood.

My time will be primarily spent in three places:

  1. Medjugorje: I will spend twenty-two days in Medjugorje in pilgrimage and directed retreat.

  2. Jerusalem: I will spend twenty-eight days in the Tantur Ecumenical Institute hosted by Notre Dame. This program takes place in the Holy Land for encountering sacred people, traditions, and places. It offers a variety of lectures and excursions, designed to introduce the Holy Land’s geography, history, local people, complex religious life, and Biblical landscape.

  3. Meinrad: Finally, I will be spending twenty-seven days at Saint Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana in a mini-sabbatical program called “Stocking the Fire.” This program helps midlife priests rest, reflect, and reinvigorate their spiritual life. It also helps the update and expand their theological knowledge, and renew their fire for pastoral ministry. In between these major activities will be time for travel and tour.

Sadly, I will miss some of the end of the year activities such as eighth grade World’s of Fun trip, graduation, and the parish picnic. I will also miss a trip to a Lifeteen Conference, Steubenville youth conference, and a few weddings. However, the good of this Sabbatical will benefit my personal knowledge, health, and balance and I pray that it’s experiences will help feed my ‘coffer’ for preaching, teaching, and counsel.

Please pray for me as I solidify my plans for this trip. Please, also support Fr. Luke and Fr. Andrew as they will anchor our parish for three months!

Blessings, Fr. Jarrod

(This letter was published on Easter Sunday)