Mass Guidelines for COVID-19

As of May 6, 2020, we have resumed our regular Mass schedule for all weekend and daily Masses. All Sunday Masses and Saturday Vigil Masses will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel

Please review all the guidelines listed here prior to attending Mass at St. Francis. You can read Bishop Kemme’s letter to the faithful about the diocesan requirements here.

Guidelines for Attending Masses at St. Francis

  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to clean the pew before and after use.
  • Bishop Kemme has requested that all Mass-goers wear masks. Read his full letter to the faithful here.
  • You must maintain a six-foot distance from anyone not in your own household. Inside the church, blue tape has been placed on pews and every other pew has been roped off to maintain six feet of distance between people.
  • The main doors of the church will open thirty minutes prior to each Mass (with the exception of 5:30 p.m. daily Masses; doors will open at 4:30 p.m. to accommodate confessions). In addition, for Sunday Masses only, the doors on the east end of the blue carpet hallway will be open to allow access from the south parking lot.
  • Only 175 people are allowed in the main church for Mass. Overflow seating for 250 people is set up for Sunday Masses. If, for a daily Mass, more than 175 people desire to attend Mass, a second Mass will be offered immediately following to accommodate the overflow.
  • Communion lines will be marked single file and lead to the communion rail to maintain six-foot distancing. It is strongly recommended that you receive communion on the hand.

A Note from Fr. Jarrod

Dear St. Francis of Assisi Parishioners,

We, as a parish family, must remain concerned for the public safety of persons vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19 virus remains a threat to our society and to our parish. Persons vulnerable to this virus are encouraged to stay home and not to expose themselves. If you are aged, infirmed, or in frail health you should not attend. Persons showing symptoms of this virus MUST stay home. And those who choose to come to Mass must protect the health of others and their own health by using masks, sanitizer, and maintaining a six-foot distance from others. We encourage you to bring your own masks and sanitizer.

All weekend Masses will be live streamed for those who choose to stay home as well as for those seated in the school gym. Please remember that Spiritual Communion, when physical communion is not accessible, participates in the graces of communion.

Remember, there still is no obligation to attend Sunday Mass.

Please, for the health and safety of everyone attending Mass, graciously abide by the guidelines and requirements set out by St. Francis. We must each do our part to protect one another even as we begin the joyful return to the public celebration of Mass.

Your pastor,

Fr. Jarrod