Year of St. Joseph

Bishop Carl Kemme declared a special Year of St. Joseph to be observed in the Diocese of Wichita from December 8, 2020 until December 7, 2021. Wondering how to participate in the Year of St. Joseph? Here are some opportunities at St. Francis and ideas to participate on your own:

Opportunities at St. Francis

  • Join the Exodus 90 program (men only), January 4 through April 4. Call the parish office to join a group.
  • Pray the St. Joseph Consecration with our parish, February 15 (Monday before Ash Wednesday) through March 19 (the Solemnity of St. Joseph). This 33-day consecration is a great spiritual tool for Lent. Consecration books are available in the parish office for $5 on a first-come, first-served basis. Weekly videos will be released on Facebook and our YouTube channel during the consecration.

Opportunities on Your Own

  • Download the St. Joseph house blessing from the diocesan website and use it to bless your house in the New Year!
  • Make a personal or family pilgrimage to one or many of the parishes named for St. Joseph in the Diocese of Wichita, and receive a plenary indulgence if you follow the prescribed conditions. Visit the diocesan website for more information.