Scouting Ranks

Earned Through Individual Achievement

Eagle - The highest award in scouting. 21 merit badges of which 11 are required. In addition, a service project of approximately 100 hours of service to the community is required.

Life - 11 merit badges of which 6 are required in specified areas. Must also hold a position of leadership within the troop and complete community service of at least 6 hours.

Star - 6 merit badges of which 4 must be required for the Eagle rank. Must have completed at least 6 hours of community service. And must hold a position of leadership responsibility.

First Class - Completion of the 1st Class rank means that the scout has been exposed to and mastered most of the basic skills required for most outdoor camping activities. Heavy importance is placed on cooking skills for himself as well as his patrol. This includes menu planning and cooking using fire and backpacking stoves. Orienteering with a map and compass is learned and how to find direction day or night without a compass. Knot knowledge is increased with the introduction of lashings to building outdoor structures. Life saving first aid techniques are taught including CPR and the ability to recognize the early signs of a heart attack.

Second Class - The skills learned for the Tenderfoot rank are expanded on for Second Class. Improved camping and cooking skills are emphasized along with plant and animal identification and more advanced 1st Aid. Swimming skills are introduced including basic lifesaving techniques. Use of the map and compass are also learned. The scout must complete a minimum of 1 hour service to his community The scout also will spend time discussing our rights as a US citizen with an elected official, teacher, judge, attorney or other civil servant and participate in a drug awareness program.

Tenderfoot - Tenderfoot is the 1st major rank earned in scouting. There are 14 requirements which include basic camping and cooking skills plus rope and knot knowledge. Also included are physical fitness tests, flag respect, poisonous plants and basic 1st Aid knowledge.

Scout - Must complete all specified requirements as outlined in the Scout manual; must also know the scout oath, law, motto, and slogan and be able to discuss their meanings. Additionally, the Scout must also know the handshake and salute and their significance.