On May 14, our school held a May Crowning to celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary. Eighth-grade students Isaac F. and Alia P. were nominated by their teachers to represent the school in crowning the Mary statue at the front of the church.

Eighth-grade students processed into the church, carrying vases of hundreds of colorful flowers that had been collected from their peers throughout the school. The vases were presented to the Mary statue while the music teachers led the students in singing Marian hymns, including “Gentle Woman” and Schubert’s “Ave Maria.”

Students further honored Mary by praying a “live Rosary,” during which eighth-grade students stood in the shape of a Rosary around the inside perimeter of the church. Students in grades six and seven joined the older students in prayer inside the church, while younger grades watched in their classrooms via a private live-stream link.

May Crowning is an annual tradition at our school. Greg Goertz, middle school religion teacher, coordinated this year’s effort in conjunction with the middle school team, along with school principal Mary Carter, vice principal Fey Barles, and musicians Donna Mally and Rob Tierney.

Catholics have long celebrated Mary during the month of May. May Crowning is a tradition meant to honor the queenship of Mary as the mother of Jesus.