The Rebuild My Church building campaign has reached another milestone! With several additional pledges earlier this month, our new total for pledges has exceeded 6 million dollars. This is an incredible achievement that was only made possible by the commitments of 800 households in our parish.

The parish campaign team, with the assistance of the Steier Group, have worked to secure pledges over the next three years. We are also excited to report that more than $2,900,000 has already been collected on those pledges.

"The public phase, which began in August 2021, is complete," said Pat Burns, director of stewardship & finance, "But it is not too late for everyone to participate."

Progress on 'Rebuild' Projects

Many projects have started or will be starting in the coming months. These include:

  • New roof on Cana Hall has been completed.
  • New roof on the gym has been completed.
  • New sound and lighting system for the Bell Tower is in progress.
  • Four new HVAC units for the church have been ordered with plans to have these units installed by the summer.
  • Roofing materials have been ordered to complete the remaining school classrooms this summer.
  • Complete renovation of the seventh and eighth grade restrooms and the addition of a faculty restroom this summer.
  • New, high-efficiency boiler has been installed in the school.
  • Landscaping beautification, new trees, irrigation, and removal of the old driveway along Bekemeyer in front of the parking lot will take place this spring.
  • Campus-wide surveillance cameras to provide state-of-the-art security for our parish grounds are being installed.
  • The gym floor will be stripped down and treated to preserve its life this summer.

"We have been waiting to accomplish many of these projects for several years," Burns said. "It is only by the generous gifts of many good stewards that these projects are being completed."

Rebuild My Church is a three-year, comprehensive, parish-wide renovation that is being led by the Operations Council and our Facilities Committee. If you would like to join us in making a pledge, visit our parish website, then: 1) go to the Stewardship tab, 2) select "Rebuild My Church Campaign" and 3) click on "Make a Pledge." Or, you can call Pat Burns at the church office at 722-4404 to make a pledge over the phone.

All proceeds received through the Building Fund envelopes are included in the campaign to fund these projects. Thank you to all who have pledged and given and to all those who will give in the future. We are rebuilding our church for the generations to come. St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us.