Join us for our adult education Lenten series starting February 22, every night during Lent at 8:00 p.m.

Sign up in the church office! (Attend when you can, miss when you can't)

What is God Squad?

God Squad is a group of men and women who strive to develop their spiritual life during Lent with the same intensity as some people strive in sports, band, theater or other extracurricular activities.

It has eight objectives:

  1. Spiritual Discipline
  2. The double precept of Charity
  3. Spiritual Friendship
  4. Dying-to-self/rising-to-Christ
  5. Spiritual Consciousness
  6. Liturgical Formation
  7. Sacrifice
  8. Living an indulgenced life

God Squad seeks to instill the art of prayer by a rich training in spiritual discipline.

Each day, week, and liturgical season contains a rhythm of formation that instills specific devotional, spiritual, and liturgical skills. Thus there are five methodologies employed by God Squad: training days, Ignatian weeks, seasonal themes, liturgical participation, special events and accountability.

Come and train your spiritual self and become a more complete disciple!