Rebuild My Church Effort Announced

After years of hard work, careful planning and plenty of prayer, we are pleased to announce that St. Francis of Assisi is moving forward with an extraordinary stewardship effort to fund the many repairs, renovations, and updates tested in the recent planning study conducted by the Steier Group. The decision to proceed with a campaign was a collective choice made by our council leaders and Fr. Jarrod. Ultimately though, the decision was made by our church family. During our recent planning study, the vast majority of respondents were in favor of a campaign and indicated they would financially support the effort. Here are a few notable points from the study:

  • There was support for all the projects presented during the study; however, respondents understand the highest priority is replacing the campus’s remaining air conditioning units, repairing roofs and renovating the school’s restrooms.
  • 82% of respondents to the study were supportive of a financial campaign at St. Francis of Assisi.
  • 80% of respondents indicated they would financially support a campaign.

In light of these positive results, and with the consultation of parish leadership, we have determined to move forward into the preparation phase of an extraordinary stewardship effort.

The theme of our campaign is Rebuild My Church. This is fitting for the St. Francis community and this campaign because this was the message our Lord spoke to St. Francis of Assisi during his vision at the church in San Damiano, Italy. It is a message that resonates at our church, today.

This is an exciting time as we seek to lay a strong foundation for a positive future. To be successful, we will rely on every family at St. Francis of Assisi to provide support. In the coming weeks and months, you will learn much more about the campaign and the different ways you can help the cause. In the meantime, please pray for the church leaders and volunteers who will be working diligently to ensure a successful outcome.

Rebuild my Church Prayer

Heavenly Father, sixty-two years ago,
by your Will and your Providence,
you established our parish under the patronage of St. Francis of Assisi
to whom you gave the commission, “Rebuild my Church.”
With his own hands, he repaired the church building of San Damiano;
but with the spirit of poverty, detachment, sacrifice, service, and worship
he rebuilt the spiritual house of the universal Church.

Today we call upon those same spiritual gifts
to give our parish family prudence
as we discern the physical needs of our own church buildings.

Through the intercession of St. Francis of Assisi,
by your Will and your Providence,
help us to discern how our physical buildings
can serve our spiritual needs
of worship, fellowship, education, and stewardship.