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A Greatful Response to God's Abundant Gifts
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Mary, moon of Jesus, reflects her Son’s light

How innocent is a child’s love for her mother! How instinctive it is for a toddler to cling to her mother. It is as if there is an invisible tether between a mother and her child that keeps a child within its mother’s orbit. Yet, at times, a child wanders off out of sight. At those moments, a mother’s anxiety rises and she goes to look for her child.

Depending on how serious the situation is, perhaps the mother just brings the child back or perhaps the child gets reprimanded. In either case, it is for love of a child that a mother does this; and it is for love of a a mother that a child receives the warning and learns something new.

As it is with a mother and her toddler, so it is with us and the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is our spiritual mother. How innocent our love for her must be! How instinctive it is for a Disciple of Jesus to take as his own mother, the mother of his Master. Mary is Jesus’ mother. Jesus is our brother.

Therefore, Mary is our Mother too. Jesus gave us His mother while He hung upon the cross, “Woman, behold your son. Son, behold your mother.” Indeed, Mary was Jesus’ final gift to His disciples on earth. And we are inheritors of such a great gift!

We are rich because we have received the Mother of our Savior as our own mother. How blessed are we to have such a mother! And so, as children of a spiritual mother, we can turn ourselves to her with a simple “Child’s Prayer to Mary”:

Mary, Mother whom we bless
(Maria Mater gratiae),
Full of grace and tenderness
(Mater misericordiae),
Protect me from the Devil’s power
(Tu me ab hoste protégé),
And assist me in my dying hour
(Et hora mortis suscipe).

Every May we honor our blessed Mother with the May Crowning. She is the Queen of the Universe and the Mother of all the Living. She is this, not because she is divine (Mary is not divine), but because she gave birth to the Only Son of God in the flesh.

Mary is not God; but the Son of God comes to us through her. Mary is like the moon; the moon is not the sun, but the moon reflects the sun’s light. So too, Mary is not God; but she reflects the light of the Son of God. He is the light of the world. Mary is the full moon who, receiving the light, perfectly reflects that light back into the world.

Let us grow in our devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is Jesus’ last gift to us. She is our Mother. Therefore, in innocence, let us instinctively offer ourselves to her intercession. Even if we wander, she will bring us back, maybe even scold us, but will always love us so that we can be saved through her Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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