Since 1968, Vernacular Has Told Our Parish Story

September 1968. A month that history was made. The very first Boeing 747 rolled off the production line. Sixty Minutes, a weekly news magazine show, premiered. "Hey Jude" by the Beatles was the number one song in the land. It was also the month that Volume 1, Number 1 of the St. Francis Vernacular newsletter went to print, a brainchild of our new pastor at that time, Rev. Thomas McGread.

The Vernacular has been and is the monthly publication of the news and events of St. Francis parish. It has been the historical recordkeeper and storyteller of our parish family for more than 50 years.

So many dedicated editors, layout artists, graphic designers, writers, photographers, proofreaders and web volunteers have given their talents to serve our parish over the years to tell our story. Editors Lanette Belton and Ann Walden, two of our most recent faithful Vernacular stewards, are stepping down from their monthly task of producing the newsletter.

Just like many other ministries at St. Francis, now it is someone else's turn. Good stewards respond when called upon to serve. We have been in print format until just a few years ago. Now we need someone who can lead us forward in this new electronic format - a combination of email and web.

The Vernacular tells our story. It is important to have storytellers to keep our history alive and document the life of our parish. We have kept a copy of each edition ever published, and each one tells our story.

To conclude, a huge thank you goes out to anyone who has ever served as part of our Vernacular team. Also, if you are inclined or feel called to serve in any capacity, please contact Alexa Smith at the church office. This ministry is too important to our long-term history to go away. Please prayerfully consider if the Lord is calling you to serve this ministry. St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us.

Pat Burns, Director of Stewardship & Finance