Several projects have been completed or are under way around the parish grounds, with many more to come. These projects are being paid for by those who have generously pledged and donated to the Rebuild My Church campaign.

"Thank you for your continued generosity to the Rebuild My Church campaign," said Fr. Jarrod Lies, pastor. "Below you will see all what we have accomplished, are accomplishing, and will accomplish by September of 2022 because of your goodness. Merry Christmas!"

Completed Projects

  • Roof on 7th-8th grade wing
  • HVAC on 7th-8th grade wing
  • Roof on Holy Hallway between School and Church
  • Clare Hall Upstairs HVAC
  • Clare Hall Basement HVAC
  • Cana Hall Bathroom near Gymnasium
  • Bell Tower painted
  • Phase 1 of Parking Lot repair: patchwork

Projects in Progress

  • Parking Lot repairs
  • Main Church HVAC
  • Cana Hall roof
  • School boiler replacement
  • Bell tower retrofit and lighting

Projects Planned for Summer 2022

  • Roof for remainder of School and Gymnasium
  • New exterior windows in 7th-8th grade wing and 3rd-6th grade classrooms
  • HVAC replacement for 3rd-6th classrooms
  • Restroom remodel for 7th-8th grade wing
  • Addition of faculty restroom to 7th-8th grade wing

We have much more to add to the list after those items are completed, and we are still accepting pledges. If you’d like to help us complete our proposed projects, please contact Pat Burns in the church office to make a pledge to this Extraordinary Stewardship effort.