I would like to thank you for your tithe. Financially speaking, it takes $5.6 million to fund our parish operations ($107,000 weekly). This money comes through our Sunday collections. Because of your generosity, even though we see yearly increases in wages, raises, and inflation, we have not incurred debt. This is due to your generosity. You should be very proud of that. I am, personally, very grateful for that. Clearly, you care about this parish.

Your faithfulness proves a simple truth: People financially invest in what they find valuable. This parish matters to you; therefore, you have taken care of it. This care manifests the fact that we have a need to give. In the end, the gift of your treasure is nothing less than an act of being honest with God, in whom you place all your trust. The truth is this: God will not be outdone in generosity. Testimony after testimony, witness is given to the truth that faithful tithing is met by God’s often unexplainable blessings.

Your tithe shows that you believe in the mission of this parish: to celebrate the Eucharist, to preach the Word, to forgive sins, and much more. And our parish does this well. Confession lines are only getting longer. Our PSR, Catholic school, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, adult education, prayer, healing, intercessory groups, and more are all supported by your generous gift of treasure. Your financial sacrifice is a participation in the mission of this parish. Like an owner investing in his or her own business, a tithe lets us invest in the very community from which we benefit. You have invested in this parish so that you may, likewise, receive from its preaching, teaching, and pastoral care.

Ultimately speaking, the tithe is the recognition that God is the “giver of every good gift and perfect gift” (James 1:17). Our ultimate salvation will not come from our 401K! It will come from the grace of Jesus Christ given to us by our belief in Him. The tithe subjugates earthly desires below heavenly desires and it prioritizes trust in God over money.

However, this year, due to pressures in the economy, we are unfortunately falling behind on our bills. Your pastor, administration, staff, and faculty work very hard to be frugal and properly use your gifts for the essential needs of our large parish. Yet, it is important to realize that every year sees new financial increases to grant just wages and raises. Particularly regarding the school, continued pressure has been put on the Catholic school system by an increasing disparity in salaries compared to the public school system over the last four years. Therefore, I am appealing to you to consider your tithe in view of this urgent need. Your dedicated contribution will allow us to proportionally provide for our faculty and staff who knowingly sacrifice to serve the mission of our parish.

The goal of the tithe is a true 10% of gross income: 8% given to the parish and 2% given to charities. For those not yet tithing, or those tithing under the goal of 10%, please consider, each year, increasing your tithe slightly until that goal is achieved. I realize that for some, tithing, or tithing at a higher level, may well be a challenge. But there is an undeniable blessing in tithing: the full functioning of a parish carrying out its mission. This is YOUR parish. Please continue to invest in the very thing that has the mission to save souls.

Thank you for your tithe.

Thank you for your trust.

Father Jarrod Lies, Pastor