Now that we have come to the end of Christmas season:

“Maintain the desire of God in our hearts, and allow the Lord to outline His Plan to us through the little things of life so that we can have an Epiphany Experience!”

Last week’s Epiphany Feast drives home a powerful message and gives us pointers to experience true joy and happiness in life.

The Magi teach us some vital clues towards finding the “Joy in Life.” They had just one purpose in their journey: to meet the new born King and pay Him homage and worship. (Mt 2:2) This single focus and dedication impelled the Magi to move forward with determination and it inspired them to overcome all hurdles and infused them with a hope that would take them through to their deep desire.

What about us? What do we seek in life?

Is it for the Lord and His glory? Or do we engage ourselves in activities for our own glory and pride?

Is the Lord the end and purpose of all our actions? Or do worldly desires dilute our works and actions?

Where do we seek?

The purposeful determination of the Magi made them focus on the Star - a sign to lead them to their destination. (Mt 2:2b) As long as they followed the Star, they remained on the right track.

Of course, for a moment, seeing King Herod’s palace, they got a bit deviated. But Divine Providence soon brought them back on track. The star once again led them to find the Great King.

What about us?

Do we faithfully follow the Star of inspiration that the Lord constantly sends through His Commandments, Teachings of the Church, many people, and the situations of our life?

Do we seek His Love in the sacraments that the Church offers and experience His Providence in the situations of our life? Or, instead, get lost in our search for the Divine, in the pleasures of this world, and engage too much only in our works and dip ourselves into the murky waters of sinful addictions, sly attachments, and silly attractions.

What gifts do we offer Him?

The Magi offered Jesus their precious gifts - fit and appropriate (Mt 2:11b). Gold for Jesus, the King. Frankincense for Jesus, the Priest. Myrrh for Jesus, the Prophet. These gifts bore the marks of their sacrifice and pain. They were worthy and befitting of the King!

What about us?

In the Holy Mass, do we really offer Him our pains, struggles, our little sacrifices, our honest longings? Or has the Holy Mass become just a customary ritual, without offering anything to Him and thus failing to derive any joy or consolation from this Precious Sacrament?

In our life, do we try to make some personal sacrifices? Make some radical decisions to live worthier Christian lives, and be more dedicated to pursue a life of holiness and sanctity?

The Lord desires and deserves the best gifts from us. He tells us to, “offer our lives as a living sacrifice” (Rom 12: 1) - sinful, broken, wounded; just as we are so that He can transform us, and make us a new creation. (“Behold I make all things new” - Rev 21:5)

The Epiphany Feast is a powerful invitation for us: To begin to examine, purify and strengthen our focus and priorities in our life. (Fitting for the beginning of the year)

Yes, like the Magi: Let us seek the Lord deeper, long for the Lord intensely in the right place and let us desire the Lord passionately, offering Him the best gifts of our life. And then like an Epiphany, we will be able to see the Presence of God in our Lives!

Father Bhaskar Mendam, Parochial Vicar