Google Classroom

The video on the right is an instructional video for parents, guardians, and students as to how to access Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is the educational information system for our students. Students and parents can track daily and weekly assignments, view scheduled assessment dates, store classwork, and submit assignments. Each student account has a full office suite of applications at their personal disposal from any system or platform available in the form of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Calendar. In addition, the system notifies students as to when assignments are due or late as long as the student is adhering to his/her personal responsibility as a student and logging in regularly to check due dates and each teacher’s Google Classroom for notifications. This should be used in conjunction with PowerSchool where permanent grades are stored and recorded. Google Classroom is where workflow can be viewed and PowerSchool is where final scores of the assignments can be viewed. Both applications are essential tools for success.

e~Funds for Schools - Online Payments

e~Funds for Schools is our school's online payment portal and provides a streamlined way to collect online payments. Please see the e~Funds links provided below for more information about making online payments.

Remember, e~Funds for Schools empowers you to save time, reduces trips to the school office, and eliminates the need to send cash and checks with your student. Make a quick payment in the evening or during your lunch hour with just a few clicks!

Making payments using e~Funds is free to families choosing to pay using electronic check or debit card. Families choosing to pay using a credit card will be charged a credit card convenience fee of $2.64 per $100 increment.

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